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About Us

Clubs in Action is a Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to enhancing Democratic turnout in Harris County, the third-largest county in the United States. Our mission is to complement the efforts of the Harris County Democratic Party and individual candidates, focusing on coordinated field plans, strategic partnerships, and effective voter outreach. Through collaboration with Democratic clubs and organizations, we aim to maximize voter engagement and support county-wide Democrats in elections.

How we began…

The PAC was started by leaders of a few of the local neighborhood clubs who wanted to make sure that they had the resources to support all the candidates on the ballot and not duplicate efforts, such as two neighboring clubs sending volunteers to knock on the same doors. The leadership team consists entirely of volunteers.

Harris County, the third-largest county in the United States, with over 4.7 million residents spread across 1700 square miles, presents a unique opportunity and challenge in mobilizing Democratic voters. With a registered voter base exceeding 2.48 million as of 2020, our county requires concerted effort and resources, more than many entire states. Rooted in collaboration, Clubs in Action stands on the shoulders of its founding clubs, including:

  • Area 5 Democrats
  • Houston Black American Democrats
  • Humble Area Democrats
  • ROADwomen
  • Southwest Democrats
  • The Greater Heights Democratic Club

As the 2022 Election Unfolded…

Clubs in Action fostered unprecedented communication and collaboration between neighborhood clubs, PACs, and political organizations. Notable groups that joined forces with us included:

  • Harris County Young Democrats
  • Senate District 17
  • Bayou Blue Democrats
  • Baytown Area Democrats
  • Spring Branch Democrats
  • Bellaire/Braeswood Democrats
  • Katy Area Democrats
  • The Spring Democratic Club
  • Braes Oaks Democrats
  • Swing TX Left
  • Cy-Fair Area Democratic Club
  • Oak Forest Area Democrats
  • Tejano Democrats
  • Cypress Tomball Democrats
  • Texas Democratic Women
  • Energy and Environmental Democrats
  • Senate District 13
  • West Houston Democrats
  • Senate District 15
  • LEAD Together PAC

In addition to playing a pivotal role in coordinating with campaigns such as Beto for Texas, the re-election efforts for Lina Hidalgo and Adrian Garcia, and the election of Lesley Briones, Clubs in Action coordinated with other large campaigns, including:

  • Battleground Texas
  • Harris County Democratic Party
  • Texas Democratic Party
  • Blue Action Democrats
  • AFL-CIO’s Working Families PAC
  • Project First Tuesday
  • Texas Toolbelt

2022 Goals Established

For the 2022 midterm election, Clubs in Action established five key goals:

  1. Coordinate a comprehensive field plan across Harris County.
  2. Provide targeted precinct data and assistance for block-walking initiatives.
  3. Distribute GOTV literature encompassing all Democratic candidates.
  4. Execute a robust social media campaign to amplify our message.
  5. Utilize paid canvassers to extend reach and support in areas beyond volunteer capacity.

Through diligent efforts, Clubs in Action achieved remarkable results, detailed in our 2022 Midterm Report, which includes:

  • Data from precincts walked by our clubs.
  • Additional goals added during the campaign.
    Miscellaneous activities supporting voter turnout.
  • Insights into our impactful social media campaign.
  • Collaborations with external organizations.
    Overview of the reception and impact of Clubs in Action.
  • Conclusion summarizing our achievements.

We invite you to view the full report here.

Clubs in Action Stayed Active Through 2023

The election results of several Democratic judges who won in Harris County in November 2022 were challenged by Republicans in early 2023. Thise Republicans falsely claimed election fraud to try to overturn the election results. Due to ethics rules, sitting judges cannot receive pro-bono legal representation. Clubs in Action hosted a fundraiser to defend our election results on February 26, 2023.

Some member clubs cover areas that had school board and city council elections in May 2023. Clubs in Action supported by spreading the news of blockwalks to volunteers across the county. Clubs in Action also provided data to the clubs in Cypress showing the best precincts to target for their school board race. As a result of these efforts, over 1000 doors were knocked for the school board races in Spring Branch, and volunteers working with Area 5 Democrats helped elect their endorsed candidates to Pasadena City Council Districts C and E and both positions on the San Jacinto College Board of Trustees.

Several clubs cover areas that voted for Houston mayor and city council in November 2023. For those races, 7 clubs hosted blockwalks in the Houston area during October and November. During those blockwalks, voters in 24 precincts were contacted. Clubs in Action supported an additional 8 precinct chairs with literature and VAN support so those chairs could knock the doors in their precincts.

Won’t You Join Us?

At Clubs in Action, we are driven by a shared vision of a vibrant and inclusive democracy in Harris County. Join us as we continue to empower Democratic voices and shape the future of our community together.

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No matter your skills, your availability, or your interests, there is always something you can do to help Get Out the Vote. Here are two options to get you off to a running start:

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Clubs in Action is committed to getting out the vote. In order to fully execute our plan, we need funding. Please donate whatever you can to help us make sure we keep Harris County blue and take back Texas from regressive Tea Party Republicans.

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